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When fishing with bait specificaly for Chinook Salmon - bait (Anchovy & Herring) preparation is of the upmost importance in terms of consistency in presentation, presentation adjustment as conditions change and longevity of the bait - that is, how long it can fish at optimal performance before deterioration from approach to acheiving these much needed bait attributes is "Wet Curing" or "Brining"......

Wet Brining Method and Formula

  • when brining bait thaw the herring or anchovy completely - when salt is added to frozen product it imposes a quick temperature drop and slows the thaw process which can lead to an uneven cure and even damage to the bait itself

  • your brine ratio should be 1:3 that is - 1 part salt to 3 parts non-chlorinated water

  • bring the brining water up to a boil - remove from heat and whisk in salt till completely dissolved as the water cools there maybe some recrystalization of salt once the water has reach full salt saturation

  • cool water completely to room or fridge temperature

  • once your bait is thawed - add the bait directly to the room temperature brine - let stand at room or fridge temp for 8-12hours depending on bait size

  • brine to bait ratio is approximately 1pkg 51/2" anchovy : 1.5L of brine

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