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Electrical Potential and Fishing


Lets understand a few terms first:


galvanic action: when a pathway for eletron exchange between dissimilar metals is formed - in short: a battery is created

electrolysis: chemical decomposition (in our case of metals) when an electrical current is passed through an ioninzed solution

battery: a device that produces electricity


As we all know - a standard fishing boat has many 12v or 24v electrical devices on board that help us become better fishers, navigate and operate machinery; as well, we have a plethora of differt metals in the water at a given time.  The result of having an electrial system floating in a saltwater - with metal conductors in the salwater solution is: a battery.




What are we trying to achieve?

With the understanding that the variables in which the "fishing boat" is subjected to - are always under some sort of electrical change

(inside and outside the boat) - we can conclude that our goal is to: understand the best way to acheive the best

"fishing electrical potential" of a given fishing vessel



What Voltage is the best - how do we test it?

1) Because naturaly we are tunning our boats mostly for mature run Chinook - the range of voltage that has been determined "the best" fishing voltage for these fish is between .5 volts and .7 volts on the multimeter - the best target natural voltage is .65 volts on the mulitmeter - these  voltages have been determined over years of fishing with measurable electrical potential

HOWEVER: This is a standard that has not been documented or precedented in any way - so it is a theory


2) In order to test natural voltage you need:

~ multimeter

~ 15' of 10AWG ground wire with a battery post lug on one end

~ cable on your downriggers or a testing length of cable









3) Once you have determined the resting and operating voltage of your boat - we can begin to tweak and adjust our hardware to reach desired voltage standings (because there are varied schools of thought surrounding voltage and how it affects our fishing - it best that for our purposes we follow the instructions based on the theory suggested).

That being said - it is good to hear and understand as much information on the subject to determine what best suits you particular set up and fishing needs.







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